Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alligators and Keeled-Over Cats!

Archie and Daphne, April 2012

There's a whole crop of new photos on our Archie's Garden Facebook page in the album called Spring Is Sproinged, where you can see lots of flowers and exciting novelties like an "occupied" bird feeder, a rare alligator lizard sighting, and of course this thrilling photo of a napping cat (with a newly eclosed Archie looking on from a milkweed plant.)

Keep an eye out for more posts soon, including photos of our milkweed sprouting project. Milkweed grows slowly; it's not easy keeping up with the never-ending demands of hungry monarch caterpillars without dropping lots of money at the nursery. In an upcoming post we'll show you how we're trying to solve that problem; in the meantime, give our Facebook page a "Like" if you want to receive the latest updates in your News Feed.