Sunday, May 8, 2011

More pictures

Here are some pictures of recent happenings in Archie's Garden.

Ladybugs patrolling the milkweed

We like ladybugs in Archie's Garden, since they're very effective at eating pests like aphids. Unfortunately, as this picture shows, they're also a threat to just-hatched monarch caterpillars. This particular ladybug is a Harmonia axyridis, a species that was introduced to California as a natural way of controlling pests.

This recently hatched caterpillar is making headway in munching through a milkweed leaf.

This guy is happily eating the tasty milkweed buds. He's eating a lot and growing quickly.  While he's much too bug to be attacked by ladybugs, he does still have to worry about wasps.


In the back yard, there's a stick that looks quite out of place. It's got no leaves, and it's not being used to stake up a plant. What's it for? It's a landing pad for this beautiful character!

He's a dragonfly, and despite his fierce name, he's very friendly, and good to have around the garden. He is an exceptionally talented flier, and can zip around to catch flying bugs very quickly -- his favorite foods are gnats and mosquitos, so you can see why we like to have him visit.

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