Sunday, July 10, 2011


 Remember back at the end of May, when we saw a picture of milkweed that had been eaten almost completely by caterpillars? Remember how we wondered if any of the plants would survive?
Well, here we are part way through July. Here's a picture of that same pot. Some of the eaten milkweed looks just like it did in May - a green stick with no leaves. There's at least one of the plants that put out new leaves, and is slowly recovering. There are several new sprouts, plus a volunteer plant that's not milkweed.
Maybe we'll check in on this pot again in another few months to see how things turn out.

Meanwhile, some of the other milkweed plants have produced seed pods. Some of the pods have opened up, and are releasing seeds into the wind. If you want some milkweed seeds for your own garden, come on by (or send us an email), and we'll give you some!

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