Saturday, March 15, 2014


 It has been a very dry winter in Archie's Garden - we have only had one or two good rains. Nevertheless, the flowers feel springtime coming on, and they're blooming. Here are the Irises and a variety of Nasturtiums showing off.

We at Archie's Garden change our minds each year which flower is the true symbol of Spring.

 Different flowers come at different times: usually, the Daffodils are among the first to bloom.

Sometimes the Toad Flax, Lupine, or California Poppies will be first, but they often bloom all together.

The Freesias are not the first to bloom, but they are not shy about filling the garden with color.

This year, however, Archie casts his vote for the Wisteria. This vine can really take over, but for a few brief days every Spring, the delicate flowers are extraordinarily beautiful.

The flowers are not the only ones celebrating the coming of Spring. This fellow was seen wandering around near the potted plants late at night. At first, he looks like a twig. If you look closer, he looks like a big worm. But then if you look really closely, you'll see he's a salamander!

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  1. your floral garden looks really good whenever I stumble upon a gardening blog it challenges me to go back and start working on my backyard such an awesome post the flowers looks really good too