Sunday, February 13, 2011

Archie's Garden Update

The last two weeks have been turbulent in Archie's Garden. The weather has been Spring-like, with wildly varying conditions. In the course of a few days, the temperature has fluctuated by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Spider victim
Another casualty
Coupled with the challenging weather, at least one caterpillar was done in by a spider who took up residence in the milkweed.

The Perp
We haven't been able to conclusively identify this guy, but he was relocated to a rosemary bush a fair distance away.

Despite the situation, at least one instar is still munching on the larger milkweed plant. It's pretty small, though, so if it's actually from the hatch from two weeks ago, it may be struggling. Then again, it could be a newly hatched caterpillar.

Additionally, there have been a number of adult Monarchs coming to visit the garden. They have been spotted on the rose bushes, visiting various flowers, and sitting on the milkweed (although no new eggs are visible). Several Monarchs have been spotted engaging in what can only be described as flirtatious flutterings together.

It's warm today, but rain is predicted in the next couple of days. That might give a few new milkweed plants a chance to grow. We'll keep watching and reporting on the happenings in Archie's Garden!

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