Sunday, February 20, 2011

Garden Update

It's been a blustery week, with cold and rainy days interspersed with windy days and sunny days -- which is to say, it's been Spring weather. There's only one instar still out on the milkweed. It seems to be a durable little character, who may still weather all of the challenges awaiting it.

Several of the milkweed seeds that were planted in Archie's Garden seem to have germinated. Inside the house, the gooseplant and milkweed seeds have also sprouted, and have been moved into larger pots. As they grow, they will be gradually moved outside.

The milkweed in Archie's Garden is budding and flowering. The milkweed flowers look like ornate gold and orange lanterns.

Adult monarchs continue to visit the garden. The gal pictured below was feasting on the nectar of the Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella) flowers. She may be the same visitor from last week -- she has two odd dark bumps on her lower wings that initially led to the conclusion that she was a male, but this week these dark areas are visibly separate from the line on the wing. Additionally, these dark spots really are bumps, are not just coloration.

Monarchs are not the only visitors to Archie's Garden. The individual pictured below also came by to catch some sunshine.

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